Written by Lycrios

Downloads Are Coming

As you may have noticed the download section is coming together. Slowly but surely all the new features of the website will be coming together.

To keep on track the next system to come into play will be the user registration/login systems. The reason that is an important feature to come next is because @TrainKidKris and I have decided to make a custom forum system to allow for finer control of how it works and so it gives all of you a more seemless experience on the OBND website.

That being said there will also be a commenting section added to the bottom of news posts as we will be asking for your input on the next news post. So we can make OBND community; driven there will be future polls to help select the suggested features of the website.

Lastly; Multiplayer news post will be coming soon since a lot has been happening behind the scenes on the server packet systems to ensure optimal connection scenarios for most of our user base. After running some calculations we've determined we should be able to theorecially hit 100 Operators/Dispatchers on a single server instance while still maintaining a smooth network flow of packets.

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