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Multiplayer Progress

As many of you know the primary goal around OBND has been for many years to create an OpenBVE Multiplayer Mod. Well, I've been the one working on this project and I thought I'd give you a heads up of where we currently are and how far or near the release date is.

Originally the idea behind multiplayer was to make it a mod for the original game but after nearly a year and a half of development I've quickly realized that's not possible because of how the original game was developed. As such when multiplayer comes out we will be releasing it as a downloadable installer to make it quick and easy to setup. @trainkidkris is hard at work creating lines for the release of multiplayer because we are getting close to a functional BETA build.

What is currently done is a server-side API for logging into the game. After logging in you will be presented a list of multi-player servers that are currently running which all communicate with a master server and that's to ensure creating multi-player servers will be a breeze.

Next, after you've selected a server you can pick what role you will be playing whether it's an operator or a dispatcher. Note that servers will be capable of password protecting the dispatcher role and dispatchers will have the authority to kick and/or ban operators from the server instance.

After selecting the dispatcher role and entering the password if there is one you will be presented with the dispatcher's board. A custom feature for the multi-player. This board contains a 2D map of the route the server is running and on that map will contain each operator's trains/cars.

If you join as an operator you are presented with a list of trains that the server has selected for their route. You can then select which train you wish to operate. Note that a server will have all the route files, objects, sounds and trains provided with it. So there is no need to manually download assets as the multi-player OpenBVE will automatically download all the required files for a server and place them in the correct folders for you. So all you have to do is enjoy the game.

There is still a lot of work to be done but the bulk of the networking related tasks are completed and the custom UI elements have been completed. So fingers crossed that we can BETA test very soon. The last big thing I have to implement before testing is rendering other operators' trains within your instance of the game. The (X, Y, Z, PITCH, YAW, ROLL) are already being transmitted to the server and dispatch board.

I hope this helps give everyone an understanding of how far Multi-player has come and how close it is for us to play.

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